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Introduction to Managed Accounts

This page is intended to be a quick introduction for those who are new investors in the managed accounts arena.

  • Managed accounts differ from hedge funds in that they are completely transparent. All trading activity and currently held positions are in full view for the account holder to see and monitor. If funds need to be withdrawn or the account needs to be closed, there are no "lock-out" periods in effect. These actions can usually be taken on the same day they are requested.  
  • Prospective clients begin by choosing their preferred clearinghouse, commonly referred to as Futures Commission Merchants, or FCM's. Advanz requests that clients choose an FCM from those with whom we currently have a working relationship. A list of approved client FCM's can be found towards the end of this power point presentation.
  • The client then submits account opening paperwork that includes instruction to give Advanz written authority to trade on his or her behalf. All trading activity can, and should be monitored by the client through real-time websites or by daily electronic or paper statements. Once opened, no outside trading activity can take place in this account other than those trades initiated by our trading department.
  • Client accounts are balanced each day by Advanz to ensure that all approved trading activity has taken place in the proper client accounts. FCM's are notified immediately of any discrepancies or changes that need to be made. 
  • Advanz performance/incentive fees are billed monthly and invoices are sent directly to clients for their record keeping. At no other time does anyone but the client have access to remove funds from the client's account. Prospective clients should take time to read and thoroughly understand the disk disclosure found towards the end of this power point presentation.